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  • Indian farmers face post-harvest losses of about Rs. 930 bn per annum.

  • The agritech start-up ecosystem is increasingly playing a critical role due to rapid growth of internet access and thereby facilitating innovation and disruption in much-needed areas.

  • Technology firms are trying to break into the agricultural landscape using novel business models.

  • NASSCOM report states that efforts to create supply chain efficiency are the focus of more than 50% of India’s booming agritech industry.

  • India has witnessed a 1.7x increase in farmer income in the last decade, enabling farmers to try new tech solutions.

  • Make in India, Make for World is the motto of Indian AgriTech start-ups. India is home to more than 450 startups in the AgriTech sector, out of the global count of about 3,100.

  • There is a 25% YoY growth of start-ups and a 10-fold increase in funding since 2014.

  • The future of this sector remains extremely bright in wake of the huge demand – supply gap and rapidly rising demand for tech-enabled solutions to enhance farm productivity and reduce losses. 

  • India’s GDP has constantly grown at about seven per cent per annum for the past three decades. However, the country’s healthcare sector continues to lag behind.

  • India’s healthcare spending remains low at 1.2 per cent of the GDP, as compared to the US’s 17 per cent or China’s 5.5 per cent.

  • Health-tech is a game-changer to make healthcare services accessible across the country and is expected to generate 40 million jobs by 2030.

  • Healthtech startups can be broadly classified under 12 categories including online pharmacy, telemedicine, personal health management, home healthcare, fitness and wellness, diagnostics, biotech R&D, medical devices, healthcare IT, biopharma, biotech, and genomics.

  • These startups are operating in one of these verticals and are using AI, ML and other modern technology to improve access, affordability and quality of health care.

  • There are about 5,000 plus Healthtech startups in India. Last year saw an overall increase of 45 per cent in the total investments in this sector.

  • EduTech refers to use of technology in education sector to disrupt the orthodox way of delivering education.

  • EduTech has extended its scope and expanded from delivering school and college curriculums to digitized course content for competitive exams and skill development

  • India is at a nascent stage in EduTech revolution compared to its global peers. However, it is rapidly growing at a rate of 55 per cent, on the back of rapid penetration of internet across the country, decline in cost of data, and access to affordable smartphones.

  • EduTech sector is expected to touch $1.96 bn mark by 2021. Five major categories of online education segment are contributing to this growth as follows:

  • Re-skilling and online certification with a current market share of 38 per cent share is expected to touch $463 mn in 2021

  • Primary and Secondary Supplemental Education with a current market share of 33 per cent is projected to reach $773 mn by 2021

  • Online test preparation is expected to cross over $ 500 mn by 2021

  • Higher Education / Language and Casual Learning is expected to cross over $ 224 mn by 2021



  • Productivity Improvements

  • Agri value chain & access to market

  • Farm Management


  • Healthcare access, delivery & Infrastructure

  • Digital & healthcare

  • Insurance &


  • Access to Education &

  • Improve quality & learning

  • Infrastructure &

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