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Fueling India's Impact Enterprises

3i Partners is a group of Silicon Valley and India based ex-entrepreneurs and executives with decades of operational experience and global networks investing in India's next billion. 

Our aim is to find, fund and nurture technology-leveraged social impact ventures re-writing India's growth story through sustainable, profitable and scalable solutions to the country's most pressing development challenges.




India's agricultural systems are at an inflection point - affected by unprecedented challenges but also revolutionary technologies, offering opportunities to unlock wealth sustainably for India's 150 million+ farmer population. 


We believe in fostering inclusive solutions in agriculture including productivity and agronomy improvements, developing market linkages and value chains, resource management and resilience/sustainability.

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With one of the largest but highly underdeveloped human capital resource bases in the world, India's future depends on the ability to develop and harness it. 

With innovative business models, increasingly penetrative digital technologies and a persistent demand for quality, India's education system can be strengthened greatly. 

We foster this transition through solutions that improve accessibility, quality and outcomes and employability, as well as  supporting infrastructure that enables inclusive education within and beyond the school and higher education system.

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India's healthcare systems are expanding, with greater focus on accessibility and quality. Digital and hardware technologies are unlocking possibilities for last-mile delivery and improved affordability that were previously infeasible, along with opportunities in standardization and coverage.

We look for opportunities that improve access at the last mile and socioeconomically weaker sections and drive quality improvements for the underserved.

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Livelihoods and Inclusion

Despite making massive strides towards the elimination of extreme poverty, over 50% of India's population earns <3000 USD per annum. Macro trends in India including urbanization and economic modernization tend to disrupt historical occupations while affording new opportunities. 

We invest in solutions that enable dignified, sustainable and improved sources of income and standards of living for the next billion, while fostering inclusive societies at all levels.

Our Approach

Local solutions, Global outlooks

We partner with India-focused entrepreneurs with deep sector knowledge, while bringing in our expertise in building and scaling companies from Silicon Valley and other parts of the world.

Invest early, in scalable solutions

We invest early, in the stages around product-market fit, taking on significant risk, in companies that leverage technology meaningfully to achieve scalable, sustainable impact.

Building connections and partnerships

We bring global networks of entrepreneurs, policy makers, domain experts and technologists to support our portfolio companies through multiple stages of experimentation and growth and all aspects of strategy and operation.

Technology leverage, tangible impact

We believe that technology, whether 'hard' or 'soft', is key to scale and innovation. As a team of primarily technologists, we look for technical or technology-leveraged solutions to deep-rooted, ignored problems.

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Our Team

With roots in Silicon Valley and India, we are building bridges in a shared mission

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Invest with us

We invite you to join our platform of mentor-investors with a shared vision.

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Pitch to us

If you are working on a vision for creating impact sustainably, we would love to hear your story

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