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Indian-origin, US- based technologists, entrepreneurs, & investors

Who are we?

From India, for the world

India, with its fast-growing economy, entrepreneurial talent, thriving startup ecosystem, and strong institutional support for deep tech, is primed for innovation. We believe transformational tech companies from India can create disruptive, long-term global impact


As Indian-origin technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors with over 150 years of combined experience, we are uniquely positioned to drive this transformation from India to the world


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How we can support?

Beyond Capital

The inception of 3iPartners is rooted in our collective journey as technologists and entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the deeptech landscape in the United States. Our unique position allows us to bridge the gap for technology startups, facilitating access to longer-term global capital & industrial expertise, necessary for technology refinement & growth.


By partnering early at pre-seed & seed stages, we not only provide crucial initial funding but also try to provide growth support that aligns with the trajectory of global market entry & subsequent fundraising from global investors. Drawing from our own entrepreneurial successes, we strive to provide hands-on strategic guidance in technology, business growth & fundraise, tailored to each startup's unique needs.

Our goal is to empower Indian founders with the resources and insights needed to establish a solid foundation for success in the global markets. We endeavor to cultivate a thriving ecosystem in India where deeptech startups from India can flourish on a global

For the Founders,
by the founders

3i Partners was founded in 2020 by Indian-origin tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Born from years of experience, our belief is simple: India's next development chapter will be driven by technology companies solving complex challenges. We see India on the brink of a technological transformation, with the potential to address pressing societal issues and enhance health, safety, and efficiency of humanity

Our Team
Our Team

With roots in Silicon Valley and India, we are building bridges in a shared mission

Pitch to Us
Pitch to Us

If you are working on creating disruptive innovation, we would love to hear your story

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