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Why we founded 3i Partners

We founded 3i Partners in 2020, but the idea was years in the making. We began with a simple belief born from lessons learnt over years: The next chapter of India's development story will be written by companies solving the most pressing challenges faced by India's emerging and lower-income millions.  

India needs more technology-leveraged impact/social enterprises, companies that value the creation of profits just as much as the creation of positive impact on the lives of the less privileged, by treating them as consumers, collaborators and partners. 

We believe that such companies play a unique role in India and the developing world. Most traditional non-profits, despite developing impactful solutions often struggle to scale without precipitating donor fatigue, and government, while effecting massive change, can struggle to act quickly. Truly scalable social enterprises can plug gaps between the two, act fast, innovate and create sustainable solutions.

Our purpose is to support these change-makers in their journey. Through 3i Partners, we aim to provide experienced, patient 'Mentor Capital' at the earlier, riskier stages of a company's lifecycle, sharing the decades of experience and expertise we have accumulated as entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and corporate executives ourselves.

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Our Team

With roots in Silicon Valley and India, we are building bridges in a shared mission

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We invite you to join our platform of mentor-investors with a shared vision.

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