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3i Partners kicks off with investments in Haqdarshak and CENTA

At 3i Partners, we work with impact-first entrepreneurs who are re-writing India's development story. Founded in 2020, 3iP aims to bring experienced 'mentor capital' to serve India's next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Aniket Doegar and the Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions team for the journey ahead. Using an elegant mix of robust and easy to use technological systems and human-in-the-loop interventions, to date, Haqdarshak has brought access to welfare for 1,000,000+ Indians at the last mile and empowered 10,000+ community level Haqdarshaks with dignified, stable livelihoods. We are proud to work with them in a shared mission of ensuring that no Indian gets left behind, no matter where they are.

Haqdarshak is 3iP's second investment, following our commitment in 2020 to the Centre for Teacher Accreditation, an education focused teacher certification company, which works with close to 3 lakh teachers across India and has a rapidly growing international footprint. A registered Certification Trademark, CENTA creates competency-based career paths for teachers therefore making teaching more aspirational and improving student outcomes fundamentally across all levels of the Indian education system.

We look forward to serving and fueling more of India's game-changing entrepreneurs.


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